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      1. Quality and environment

        Quality policy

        1、according to the requirements of customers as our standard

        2、Meet customers with efficiency and quality

        3、Improve yourself and the company with continuous improvement

        4、to protect the safety performance of customer products as our primary goal

        Suion InsulationSuion InsulationSuion InsulationSuion Insulation

        New environmental policy

        1、Reduce the processing loss and defect rate of insulating materials

        Suion Insulation

        Suion Insulation

        2、Compliance with laws and regulations and environmental requirements of relevant parties

        3、improve production efficiency

        4、Saving energy and resources

        4、Continuous improvement and prevention of pollution for all staff

        Suion Insulation

        Founded in Hong Kong in 1986, currently has five branches in China;

        DuPont China and Hong Kong distributor;

        Acting brands are: DuPont, Axal, Renazhi, Toyo Express, Kejibi, etc.;

        In 2003, the company registered the SOFLEX? trademark and developed and produced products such as NHN.

        A Hong Kong-funded high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

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