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        HONG KONG

        Sui On Insulating Materials Co., Ltd

        TEL:+852-2384 8026  +852-2384 4779                                               FAX:+852-2781 1077


        ADDRoom 3, 11/F, Tai Shing Commercial Building, 498-500 Nathan Road, Hong Kong

        SHEN ZHEN

        Sui On Lamination Materials (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

        TEL:+86-755-2791 8950-1067                                                             FAX:+86-755 2791 8952

        MAILsui-on@sui-on.com                                                                    POSTCODE:518107

        ADDYJ Science &Technology Park,Hongyin Road,Loucun Community,Guangming New Dist,Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 

        SHANG HAI

        Shanghai Changdai Insulating Materials Co.,Ltd.

        TEL:+86-21-5760 9357                                                                        FAX:+86-21-3760 1314

        MAILsui-on@sui-on.com                                                                     POSTCODE:201506

        ADDBuilding 2 ,NO.1239 Chunli Road,Jinshan District, Shanghai,China 

        QING DAO

        Qingdao Sui On Insulating Materials Co.,Ltd.

        TEL:+86-532-8908 6377                                                                      FAX:+86-532-8908 1058

        MAILsui-on@sui-on.com                                                                     POSTCODE:266109

        ADD2 ChenHui Road, Erli Village, LanChun Road,JiMo City,Qingdao, Shandong Province, China


        Sui On Haiwei(Tianjin) Insulating Materials Co.,Ltd

        TEL:+86-022-2639 7980                                                                       FAX:+86-022-2691 8557

        MAILsui-on@sui-on.com                                                                    POSTCODE:300400

        ADDNO.33 Building ,YouGu New Science Technology Park ,Jingfu Rd. Beichen Dist, Tianjin

        Suion Insulation

        Founded in Hong Kong in 1986, currently has five branches in China;

        DuPont China and Hong Kong distributor;

        Acting brands are: DuPont, Axal, Renazhi, Toyo Express, Kejibi, etc.;

        In 2003, the company registered the SOFLEX? trademark and developed and produced products such as NHN.

        A Hong Kong-funded high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

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