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      1. What does EV HEV PHEV mean?

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        1.EV (Electric Vehicle) is the English abbreviation for electric vehicles. Although China's pure electric vehicle technology is very mature, for various reasons, it is still difficult for pure electric vehicles to achieve industrialization in the short term. Industry experts pointed out that the popularity of charging stations is the key to the industrialization of pure electric vehicles. At the same time, the national industrial policy should provide a good application environment for pure electric vehicles and promote the process of industrialization.

        The hybrid model starts this mode when driving at low speeds, the vehicle can work only on the power provided by the battery, and the engine does not intervene. The noise of the vehicle is almost eliminated, while achieving zero emissions. This is also one of the significant differences between a fully hybrid electric system and a light mix (weak mix). When the EV button on the hybrid model is pressed, the system will limit the start of the engine, that is, only the electric motor will drive the vehicle so as not to cause noise and exhaust pollution to the surrounding environment.

        2. HEV is the abbreviation of Hybrid Electric Vehicle, which is a hybrid car. HEV is a compromise between traditional and fully electric vehicles: it uses both the internal combustion engine of a conventional vehicle (which can be designed to be smaller) and the motor of a Purely Electric Vehicle (PMSM or asynchronous motor) for hybrid drive (including battery and reverse). The transformer link) reduces the demand for fossil fuels and improves the fuel economy, thereby achieving energy saving and emission reduction and mitigation of the greenhouse effect. Toyota Prius and Honda Sytech are the two giants of HEV production.

        3. PHEV refers to a plug in hybrid electric vehicle in a new energy vehicle, which is a hybrid vehicle specially designed to be charged by plugging. Generally, a special power supply pile is needed for power supply. When the power is sufficient, the motor is used to drive the vehicle. When the power is insufficient, the engine will participate in the driving or power generation.

        to sum up:

        Electric vehicle (EV) refers to a vehicle that is driven on a road surface by using an electric motor or a traction motor. There are three main types of electric vehicles: the first is to supply power directly from an external power station; the second is to initially supply power from an external power source; the third is to use a vehicle-mounted generator, such as an internal combustion engine (mixed Power electric vehicle) or hydrogen fuel cell. Electric vehicles include electric vehicles, electric trains, electric trucks, electric planes, electric boats, electric motorcycles, motorcycles and electric airships.

        If the source of electricity is a battery, and the energy of the battery comes from an external power source, this is a pure electric vehicle or a battery electric vehicle (BEV); if the power comes from a generator driven by an internal combustion engine, it is a hybrid vehicle (HEV); if it comes from a solar panel, That is the solar car; if it comes from a fuel cell, it is a fuel cell vehicle (FCEV). In addition to the internal power supply, it can also come from an external power source, such as a trolleybus.

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